Saturday, May 18, 2013

1100 Artist of the Day 5/18/13


Hometown: Northport, NY
Zodiac: Libra and Chinese Year of the Rabbit
Education: Cooper Union '10

Poolside. Fabric, glue. 2013

Saki Sato (b. 1987) just spent the last six months in Kitakyushu, Japan for an artist residency at CCA Kitakyushu. She is currently readjusting to the fast life in New York. She lives and works in Brooklyn, making sculpture, video, drawings and websites.

"I like to use oversimplification and exaggeration to get my point across in a playful way. Something about universal access or making shapes and forms even a child could understand is really attractive to me. I once made a sculpture of a bush that looked like it could have grown in some cartoon or candy land. Whether or not the meaning is readily apparent, I at least like to start with familiar forms, or really base, elementary subject matter. Like in my videos, I often integrate pop culture, either music or celebrities that I am currently fascinated with, and somehow turn this fascination into a narrative 
that is loosely connected to the thoughts I was having at the time."
- Saki Sato, 2013

Women in Color
Lightbulbs, digital prints.

Acrylic paint.

ABC's Burning
Fabric, glue, cardboard.

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