Sunday, January 17, 2010



19 FEBRUARY 2010, 6-9pm
CLOPEN STUDIO, 1100 Broadway, Brooklyn

Featuring the work of: Korakrit ARUNANONDCHAI, Michael ASSIFF, John BIANCHI, DADDY, Scott GOODMAN, Allie PISARRO-GRANT, Clayton SCHIFF, Andrew THOMAS, Justin WARSH

1100 Broadway is pleased to present CLOPEN STUDIO, a one night only exhibition of eight artists and one design firm. In the former home of the Bruce High Quality Foundation, 1100 Broadway has reemerged as a multidisciplinary art and music studio. Continuing in the independent spirit of the former occupants, CLOPEN STUDIO will feature a diverse representation of new work by emerging artists and musicians, and act as active space within the Bushwick art community.

Join us for an after hours drink and dance at Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway) with music by Bad Credit No Credit and Devin Kkenny.

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